Popular group Girls’ Generation caught the eye of netizens by showing off their perfect long legs abroad.

Recently, an online community post appeared titled “Girls’ Generation at Perfume Launch Event” which revealed the following photo of the members.  The ladies had attended the press conference held in Japan for the launch of perfume brand appropriately named GiRLS.

The photo was taken far away but it didn’t fail in displaying Girls’ Generation’s goddess-like appearance. The members wore varying styled dresses in similar colors which complemented their beautiful figures. Even though the photo was taken from a distance it revealed their stunning silhouettes. It was that particular detail which caught the attention of netizens right away.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “They are such a beautiful group,” “Girls’ Generation appears to glow even from a distance,” “Girls’ Generation is gaining a lot of interest,” and “They look as beautiful up close as they do from afar.”