Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung recently showed off her elegant beauty in “Singles” magazine. Sooyoung sported a white and gold dress that showed off her tiny waist and her soft and feminine charms.

Sources from the photo shoot commented, “Sooyoung will show her face as an actress through ‘The Third Hospital‘ as she receives advice from her senior co-stars Oh Ji Ho and Kim Seung Woo as well as the support from her Girls’ Generation members. You can check out the story of Sooyoung as an actress in our September edition of ‘Singles.’”

Her co-stars also recently praised Sooyoung for her acting skills. Oh Ji Ho commented, “I think Sooyoung is the best actor out of the Girls’ Generation members. But my favorite member is still Tiffany,” which made people laugh. Kim Seung Woo also said, “Everyone will be so surprised after they watch the first episode. Because Sooyoung is such a good actress.”

The first episode of “The Third Hospital” will air on September 5.