Girls’ Generation’s Sunny is garnering attention for wearing a nurse outfit. On April 18, Shinhwa’s Min Woo wrote on Shinhwa Company’s twitter, “A day off that is sweet as honey because of Sunny’s invitation. Eric and Min Woo watched a musical. It was really fun and better than a movie! Kyuhyun looking great! Sunny is the cutest! Hurray for SoShi and Suju!” Along with the message, he also put up a picture that he took with Eric and Sunny.

In the picture, Sunny is wearing a nurse outfit while making a cute and sweet expression on her face. She definitely stands out from the three. The reason why she is wearing that outfit is because she plays the role of Brenda in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

Netizens responded by saying, “The two oppas are cuter! Your words and picture are so cute,” “I wish I could meet a nurse like Sunny at the hospital,” and “Sunny is really pretty.”