Sunny from Girls’ Generation has taken a picture with her hoobae. Standing tall at 158cm (approx. 5’ 2”), she looks small in comparison, but proves that she has awesome proportions.

Riko, a member from the girl group RaNia, posted the picture on her twitter with the caption, “I’m with Girls’ Generation Sunny sunbae-nim!”

This picture was taken on the evening of August 25 at the World Expo’s “14th Korea-China Music Festival.” Sunny and Riko snapped a cute picture standing side by side smiling and posing with victory signs.

The height difference especially catches the eye. Even though Rico is leaning to lessen the gap, it’s still noticeable that she’s much taller than Sunny.

The netizens who saw the picture have remarked, “The two gals really have a height difference,” “Doesn’t matter. Sunny still has perfect proportions,” “Sunny’s cute,” “It’s Rico who’s really tall?” showing much interest.

The “14th Korea-China Music Festival” will will be broadcasted on KBS on September 2 and RaNia, Girls’ Generation along with 2PM, KARA and other performers have participated in the event.