Fellow idols IU and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon are friends, as evidenced by a photo showing their affection. Local news agencies picked up on a picture of singers IU and Taeyeon circulating on online community boards titled “Taeyeon’s strong affection for IU.”

In the picture, Taeyeon is seen hugging IU while other performers are milling around them. Taeyeon’s fellow Girls’ Generation member Yuri and Kim Tae Woo can clearly be seen. But netizens were keen on the smile on IU’s face, and seemingly a little surprised at Taeyeon’s hug. The photo was taken behind the scenes of the Korea-China Song Festival on August 25 that they both attended.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented with “Shows warmth,” “They’re friends” and some such reactions.

Girls’ Generation, IU and Kim Tae Woo were among the K-Pop stars who performed at the 14th Korea-China Song Festival as a special event to celebrate the Yeosu World Expo.