On April 4, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Taeyeon attended designer Hong Hye Jin’s fashion show for the “2012-2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week.” With high profile guests scheduled to attend the shows, photographers had their cameras ready to capture every moment.

The celebrity guests were equally fashionable as the models strutting down the runway, and each showcased various styles, expressing their inner fashionista. However, what caught netizens’ eyes was not Taeyeon’s feminine two-toned dress but her shoes that were noticeably too big for her. Looking like a little girl who tried on her mom’s shoes, Taeyeon probably could not have walked in them had it not been for the straps. While Taeyeon looked sophisticated in a brown dress, accentuating her waist with a leather belt, the big shoes flawed the overall look.

Netizens commented, “Even if the shoes were sponsored, the stylists should have found shoes that fit her feet,” “She looks like a little girl trying on her mom’s heels haha,” “She could have hurt herself wearing those,” and more.