Hayeon, rising K-Pop idol and younger sister of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, revealed what usually goes down when she and Taeyeon get into an argument.

taeyeon and hayeon
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Of course, siblings often fight; however, during an Instagram live, Hayeon shared that she and her older sister have never really argued before. In fact, she shared that she is very respectful of her older sister’s advice.

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First off, Hayeon was asked by a user whether or not she and her sister ever fought in the first place to which she replied, “no, never. It’s impossible.”

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She explained and shared why and how it’s impossible for the two to ever fight.

We have actually never fought before. If she tells me something, I’ll jujst say, ‘Okay, unnie (older sister). I’ll think about it one more time.’ We never fight.

— Hayeon

Adorably, Hayeon revealed that Taeyeon is simply always right: “Taeyeon unnie is always right. Nothing good comes from not listening to her.”

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