Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon was spotted wearing the same dress as  runaway model Sigrid Agren who presented the dress during Milan’s fashion week. Taeyeon wore the dress at the “MBC Korean Music Wave in L.A SM Town Special” which took place last May.

The piece in question  is a beaded crepe black short dress from Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The combination of black and white , the colourful motifs, as well as the A-line cut of the dress makes it a perfect item to wear at a music ceremony.

Sigrid Agren  went for braided hair and key accessories such as hot yellow bangles and earrings,  which gives the overall look a bohemian feel. Taeyeon, on the other hand wore the dress in a smaller size and chose to add a red belt to complement her tiny waist. For her hair, Taeyeon had also a touch of bohemian style but kept it simple by having her hair down, with braided side bun.

Netizens commented, “Taeyeon looks no different than a doll,”I’m envious of her tiny waist,” ” Their height is very different,” “It really is “same outfit different feel” in this case.”

Which one do you like better?