Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s teaser video for the upcoming unit group, TaeTiSeo, ranked #2 on YouTube’s “Most Viewed Videos” chart for today. The video ranked right behind Barack Obama’s clip from the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” showing the growing global influence of the Girls’ Generation. Tiffany’s teaser for TaeTiSeo came in at #6 as well.

Since its release on April 25, Taeyeon’s teaser accumulated over 2.2 million views, while Tiffany’s brought in 800,000+ view counts. The result is especially profound considering the figures of Barack Obama’s clip attracted about 2.5 million clicks so far. Seohyun’s teaser is also quickly catching up the other members, as their unit group continues to build up buzz until the official release over the weekend.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo’s full music video for “Twinkle” will be released on April 29. Their debut live performance will be through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on May 9.