Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was chosen as the member who would most likely get married first.

On January 1, Girls’ Generation appeared on the 11:15 KST broadcasting of MBC’s ‘SNSD’s Romantic Fantasy’ and shared an honest talk about marriage.

On this day, Girls’ Generation chose Sooyoung as one of the members who would get married first.  Taeyeon stated the reason, “She has the image of someone who would be most loyal to her family.”  Taeyeon also added, “I think Seohyun will also marry early. She has a good housewife type of image.”

Following, the girls stated their opinion on marriage and revealed they would like to get married past their 30s.  With that, Sooyoung added, “Let’s have a Girls’ Generation financing operation.” Hyoyeon stated, “Let’s all give money to the first person who gets married.” Yuri expressed with excitement, “Let’s give image-matching gifts to the future children.”

This show helped to promote Girls’ Generation’s new title song, “I Got a Boy.”