In honor of their fifth anniversary, Girls Generation expressed their gratitude towards their fans. On August 5, the girls thanked everyone by leaving a message on SM Town’s official homepage, commenting, “It’s already been five years since we debuted. We’re so happy, and we thank you.”

Sooyoung wrote, “Do you remember our first meeting on August 5, 2007?  We were half worried and half excited when we went on stage…However, since we met you that day, we zipped through five years with exhilaration. It’s already been five years, but we’re still so ecstatic whenever we meet you. What to do?” She continued, “A thousand emotions went through me, and I’m truly thankful. Thankful to my fellow members who made it through until now safe and sound, friends and family who always cheer us on, all the SMTown staff who work so hard so that the entire world can recognize us, and SONEs who close their ears and mouths and only trust us.”  Sooyoung added, “I guess there’s no other way than to work harder and show everyone a better stage in order to repay everyone [for their love]. It feels great to receive so many congratulations. Girls’ Generation is now five years old. We want to continue dreaming with you until we’re fifty.”

Taeyeon also expressed wrote, “Thank you SONEs who spent our fifth birthday together. We received so many congratulations during our SMTown Concert at the Tokyo Dome, and I was so happy to be there with my fellow members. We’ll work even harder to reflect all the love you’ve shown us.”

Tiffany added, “Whether we wear rubber gloves on our hands or feet, SONEs still continue to love us. Therefore, I’m excited to see what we’re able to do together. You’re so very precious to us, and we love you and thank you.