Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany drinks so much water that she unintentionally became a master at differentiating water brands just by tasting it!


In the most recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Tiffany and Do Kyung Wan made a guest appearance on the show. In order to test Tiffany’s ability to guess different brands of water, they set up five cups of water for her to try.

After taking a sip from each cup, she calmly started to match each cup with a certain water brand.

As a result, she got all five brands correct!

Here are her descriptions of the differences in brand:


Evian: It’s the most slippery and feels the heaviest when swallowing


Icis: It’s a bit slippery and has a slight scent towards the end


Baeksansoo: The after taste feels light


Samdasoo: It tastes the same regardless of temperature


Pyeongchangsoo: It tastes the sweetest and gets sweeter the colder it gets


Watch the full video below!