Girl group Girls’ Generation member, YoonA, and f(x)’s Krystal look like they are twins! An online community recently posted a picture with the title: “YoonA, Krystal, truly sisters?”

The posted picture shows Krystal in a scene from MBC “Highkick! The Short Legs Strike Back,” while the other shows YoonA from a CF scene.

Their wavy, dyed hair, pose, and expression especially garnered attention for their similarity. This caused surprise amongst fans since Krystal’s biological older sister is actually Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and not YoonA.

Fans and netizens who came across the picture reacted with diverse responses, “YoonA and Krystal really do look a like,” “It would be awesome if YoonA and Krystal were truly sisters,” “Why did Krystal resemble YoonA and not Jessica,” “YoonA and Krystal both have amazing charms,” and “YoonA and Krystal are the best natural beauties.”