Girl’s Generation‘s YoonA reveals which character she played that felt the most similar to her!

yoona 1

YoonA recently uploaded a TMI interview to her YouTube channel, where she answered tons of cute questions sent in by her fans!

One of the questions she was asked revolved around her stellar acting career! From dramas such as You Are My Destiny

…to films such as Exit…YoonA’s taken over a bunch of roles, and slayed every one of them!


The fan in question asked her about which character shared the most in common with her!

Of numerous characters that you played, which is most similar to your real personality?

YoonA threw the question to the staff first, and took 3 suggestions: first, her character from the drama Confidential Assignment, Park Min Young!

yoona 2
| Still from Confidential Assignment

The second was her character from You Are My Destiny, Sae Byuk!

yoona 3

And the third, with the most votes, was the character from her latest film Exit, Eui Joo!

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With Eui Joo having the most votes, YoonA then chose that character as well! She also gave some insight into all the characters she’s played so far!

Okay, then, I’ll choose Eui Joo too. The staff members who see me often say I’m most similar to Eui Joo. But still, I think all the characters and I have some parts in common. What matters is which character has most in common with me.


She then revealed what she thinks of her character Eui Joo!

Eui Joo is a bit more righteous than me. But I was told I’m most like Eui Joo.


Watch her talk about her characters here, from the 2:10 mark onwards!