Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Super Junior‘s Heechul have strapped on street view cameras to explore Jeju Island for their upcoming travel show “MAPS“!

On the show, there are two teams who each travel around the island in street view cars – the kind that document their surroundings as they drive around so that the footage can be used for websites like Google. Yuri is teamed up with actress Choi Kang Hee, and Heechul will be riding with his good friend rapper Simon D.

Each team will be traveling around Jeju for three nights and four days. It appears that the teams will also be required to get out of their cars and capture some of the sights of Jeju on foot while carrying a camera on their backs. Unsurprisingly, while Yuri looks cheerful and excited about this in newly released photos, Heechul isn’t hiding the fact that he’s not pleased.

Viewers will be able to see the sights that the two teams capture on “MAPS,” which will be broadcast on Olive TV on June 28.

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