In a recent episode of MBN‘s Eat More, Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri shared a heartbreaking story about her mother’s breast cancer and her guilt about not being able to be there as much as she wanted.


When asked about how her mother is doing, Yuri shared that her condition has improved significantly.

She was very unwell for a while, but she’s healthy now.

— Yuri


But she confessed her personal guilt about it and broke down in tears.

When I was busy with Girls’ Generation, my mother’s breast cancer recurred and underwent treatment. But I was the only one in my family who didn’t know about it.

— Yuri


Yuri revealed that her mother kept it from her out of fear that it would distract her from her work, and that she felt disappointed as a result.

My mom didn’t tell me because she thought it’d get in the way of my dreams. But I was sad and asked her, ‘Why did you suffer alone when you were hurting?’

— Yuri


Yuri also recalled saying things she regrets now and expressed her worry that it hurt her mother’s feelings.

I asked her, ‘Why did you have to make me into a childish and immature kid?

— Yuri


Watch the full clip below: