Several photos of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri looking intimidated by YoonA’s actress “force” have been posted.

Recently, an online community forum made a post called, “Completely Intimidated Yuri,” with a short video clip as well as photo captures. In the video clip, you can see YoonA and Yuri both getting off a van.

Yuri was exiting the car from the passenger seat while YoonA was exiting from the back seat. But since they exited the car at the same time, YoonA’s exit caused the car door to fling open, leaving Yuri trapped between the doors. At this, Yuri made a cute, frowning expression, which caused many netizens to smile and laugh.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Frowning Yuri is so cute,” “This is so funny,” “I’m curious about what happened afterwards,” and more.

Meanwhile, both Yuri and YoonA are shining the small screens with dramas, “Fashion King” and “Love Rain,” respectively.