The TV commercial for cosmetic brand, Mamonde, that features Girls’ Generation’s Yuri as the main model has been criticized recently for sending the wrong message to its young viewers. The commercial released on April 22 is titled “Yuri’s Fashion Solution,” and it teaches you the easiest way to earn a designer bag for free (the commercial is supposed to be funny).

It first gives a list of suggestions including, “Sleep less and work two jobs to save money,” “Stop seeing friends and save money,” “If it doesn’t work, cut your friendship and save money,” and “Keep tracking your check book and save money.”

However, Yuri ends up complaining, giving up all options, and hopelessly says, “It’s too complicated. It’s going to take too long.” But right when she thinks there are no other options, she comes up with a final solution that says, “Just get a boyfriend.”

The commercial ends with its slogan, “The only solution,” and suggests the only way to solve your skin troubles is to use its product, “Mamonde Total Solution.”

However, netizens expressed their displeasure over the commercials overall message, which indicates the “gold digger” mentality is a good thing. Also, they are questioning why the cosmetic brand decided to use Yuri in such a “negative” role.

Netizens commented, “The commercial just sounds wrong,” “This is deliberately trying to make Yuri look bad,” and “I hope Yuri doesn’t think that way.”

Meanwhile, due to the growing criticism, Mamonde deleted the commercial from their official site. Check out the clip below!