Have you ever wondered in what kind of place the members of Girls’ Generation reside?

On Mnet’sWide Entertainment News” that aired on February 27, special footage was shown on the girl groups of 2012.

During the show, Girls’ Generation’s dormitory was revealed. According to the show, their dorms are located within five minutes from the SM headquarters. When a reporter began to ask questions to the security guard of the dorm building, the guard answered, “They are very friendly and they greet me well. They seem like very refined young women, especially Taeyeon and Seohyun.”

Girls’ Generation’s residence is about 3,500 square feet with the living room being about 1,000 square feet. The show revealed that although they live in a very costly place, the most important thing is that they are close to the SM headquarters. It was revealed that the dorm building is home to many celebrities due to the high level of security.

Girls’ Generation’s residence is said to be worth millions of dollars. Their monthly rent is about 5,000 dollars per month with an initial deposit of about 100,000 dollars.

Those who have seen this clip commented, “It looks nice and quiet,” “Their living room alone is the same size as A Pink or Dal Shabet’s entire dorm,” “It’s big enough to play soccer,” “It would be completely okay if Girls’ Generation lived in a bigger place,” and so on.

Girls’ Generation’s bedrooms starting from the top left corner going clockwise: YoonA and Yuri; Tiffany; Sunny and Taeyeon; Hyoyeon and Seohyun; Jessica and Sooyoung