Recently on an online community board, a photo was released with the title, “The Facial Expression of Girls’ Generation for Each Day of the Week.”

In the unveiled picture, Girls’ Generation members can be seen making different expressions for each day of the week. For Monday, most members start off with a blank expression that shows how tired they are. However, on Friday and Saturday, they have bright smiles on their faces. On Sunday, they change back to the faces full of distress once again, which many people can probably relate to. Seo Hyun, who is known to be very proper, is especially gaining attention for having the same smiling face throughout the week.

Netizens commented, “Girl’s Generation’s facial expression for each day of the week is amazing,” “It’s not just Girls’ Generation, our expressions our like that too,” “The facial expression of Girls’ Generation for each day of the week is a little harsh,” “Even embarrassing expressions are lovable,” and “Seo Hyun’s facial expression for each day of the week is accurate.”

Starts from Monday and goes to Sunday (from left to right, top to bottom)