On the most recent episode of KBS’sInvincible Youth S2,” the members of G5 toured Seoul with foreigners, taking them to several tourist attractions as they fulfilled their missions. When MC Lee Young Ja, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, and Jewelry’s Yewon approached some passerbys to ask for directions, an elderly man recognized Lee Young Ja and greeted them warmly.  Another nearby man asked Hyoyeon, “Where are you from?” in English, mistaking her for a foreigner.

Flustered, Hyoyeon quickly answered, “I’m Korean,” catching the man by surprise. Embarrassed, the man playfully pushed Hyoyeon saying, “Ah, this is embarrassing,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Netizens commented, “That’s hilarious! Hyoyeon was mistaken for a foreigner,” “How cute, I guess her blonde locks played a role in the confusion,” “Soo cute,” and more.