Hyoyeon, from Girls’ Generation, is causing quite the commotion with her new hair and upgraded goddess image.

On October 7, Hyoyeon and the rest of her bandmates were part of the lineup for the “2012 Gangnam Hallyu Festival K-Pop Concert” held at CoEx in Gangnam, Seoul. They performed a few hit songs like “Gee” and “The Boys” working the crowd with their cute and charismatic stage presence.

They brought back the white tees and skinny jeans, the concept for “Gee,” which has catapulted them to superstardom within Korea. They had the chance to change into their “The Boys” outfits to the delights of fans within the concert.

There was a small incident where the smoke on stage scared the girls, but they were able to be professional and ended their stage smoothly.

Soompiers, which is your favorite Hyoyeon hairstyle?