Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon snapped a picture with fellow member Seohyun after going to see her perform in the musical “Gone with the Wind.”

The picture, which Hyoyeon uploaded to her Instagram on February 11, is captioned, “The maknae’s (affectionate term for youngest) musical! ‘Seocarlett!’ Keke. It was a performance in which you could see a glance of the maknae’s hard work; [I admire you] Seo Joo Hyun.”

In the selca, Hyoyeon smiles brightly and throws up peace signs next to Seohyun who is still in full costume and makeup. Seohyun, who has earned herself the nickname Seocarlett for her impeccable portrayal of protagonist Scarlett O’Hara, can be seen smiling in the character’s trademark emerald green dress.

Meanwhile, Seohyun’s musical “Gone with the Wind” will play at the Opera Theater of the Seoul Arts Center until February 15.

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