On April 3, local media Dispatch released paparazzi photos of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and actor Lee Dong Wook together at comedian Jung Joon Ha’s birthday party. The photos taken on March 18 show the co-stars of KBS drama “Wild Romance” sitting next to each other at a separate table, almost looking like a couple deeply in love (see photos here).

After the photos were posted online, the Jessica-Lee Dong Wook dating rumors gained steam again, prompting the two stars to address the issue. Lee Dong Wook’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, told Sports Seoul, “They became good friends through their drama and met for the first time in a while (at the birthday party). They are not dating or in a serious relationship. In fact, they didn’t go to the party together, but they went separately and just happened to meet there.”

They continued, “The party invited a lot of guests, and we believe the two joined the same table by chance, just as good friends.”

SM Entertainment also told Sports Seoul, “She was invited to Jung Joon Ha’s birthday party and Lee Dong Wook just happened to be there, so they sat at the same table,” urging the fans not to take it out of context.

Jessica and Lee Dong Wook starred as old lovers on “Wild Romance.” The two shared a steamy kiss scene during the show, and have been spotted together several times, sparking constant rumors that the two are dating.  Check out the kissing scene clip below — Don’t they look good together?