Earlier, we reported that there have been rumors of Girls Generation’s Jessica undergoing plastic surgery.

These rumors started to circulate after a several photos of Jessica in a concert in Malaysia on March 23 were posted on several online community forums. These photos were compared to photos of Jessica while she was filming, “Wild Romance.”

Netizens stirred up these assumptions by saying Jessica may have gone under the knife while she was resting after her drama was ended. They pointed out that her face from the drama was very different from her current state.

At this, Jessica’s agency, SM Entertainment told Star News on March 28, “Of course she didn’t undergo surgery. While she was filming for her drama and going to concerts overseas, she lost a lot of weight because of her busy schedule. But her condition got much better.”

They continued to say, “After the completion of her drama, she took some rest and gained a bit of weight, which is probably the cause of the rumors.”