Recent photos of Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica at a fashion show has been getting hot on the Internet.

Photos of Jessica at this fashion show were posted on various online community portals. A post was made with the title, “Jessica’s Force That Doesn’t Lose to a Female Movie Star,” and contained a couple photos.

The revealed photos were from a 2012 fall/winter fashion show that was held last month. Jessica was captured sitting in the VIP section of the show and gazing at the runway.

Alongside Jessica sat actress Han Ji Min, Yoon Eun Hye, Go Joon Hee and others. Jessica was the only girl group member who attended the show but her beauty was not outshone by the other beautiful actresses.

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “She has a force that replicates a female movie star,” “Jessica is really, truly pretty,” “Jessica’s eyes looking at the show seems very keen,” and more.

Meanwhile, Jessica has been cast for “Legally Blonde” and will be performing in a musical for the first time in two years.