Girls’ Generation’s dependable vocalist Jessica will be helping out her fellow member by participating in the OST for Sooyoung‘s drama, “Dating Agency: Cyrano.” It is said that Jessica had actively volunteered for this as a way of congratulating Sooyoung’s first main role in a drama, thus once again showing the tight bonds between the Girls’ Generation’s members.

The song released on July 2nd in the “Dating Agency: Cryano OST Part 4” is called “The One Like You” and was produced by composer Melo Design and Lyricist Kim Ji Hyang. It’s a ballad that combines the unique qualities of Jessica’s voice with a sorrowful piano arrangement before leading up to a grand orchestra track in the later parts of the track. Even before its release, the song has received a lot of attention from fans when it played during the course of the drama.


An official from CJ E&M’s Music Business division explains that “You can feel the power of Girls’ Generation. We were able to create a high quality OST thanks to Jessica, who posses both talent and popularity.” Fellow member and drama lead Soo Young also talked about how “I’m even more invigorated having received the support from a fellow team member . I have listened to the song Jessica has sang for the drama. When i heard Jessica voice during a sad scene i began to cry without even knowing.” 

CJ E&M has also released the music video for the song and that can be viewed below.