On April 18, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica shared photos taken at her birthday party by fellow group member, Tiffany. She posted the photos on the official homepage of Girls’ Generation with a message that said, “Am I allowed to receive this much love + celebration? I am so touched and thankful for everything~I wish I could express all of my feelings T.T (show it, show it, keke). It was the best day of my life because of you guys!”

She continued, “I also blew out this many birthday candles^^ hehe. To all the members who sang me a great song and stayed there with me, I love you (heart). P.S. Artist ‘Myong’ snapped this photo right when I was about to blow out the candles! Hehe It’s not that pretty but it’s my birthday….so….pass keke.”

“Myong” is the nickname of Tiffany, based on her Korean name of Mi Young. Jessica was born on April 18, 1989, turning 23 on Wednesday.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Thank you so much for being born,” “What do you mean it’s not pretty?” and “Happy birthday!”