Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung will be holding an end-of-year exhibition to reflect and look back on the emotions of her 20s.

A source from Culture-Bridge recently revealed that the Girls’ Generation member will be holding an exhibition from December 29 to 30 at the Art Stand in Understand Avenue, a shipping container cluster located near Seoul Forest Station. Entitled “Made in #ChoiSooyoung This ‘Star Shines’” (also read as “Farewell Shines”), the exhibition is her end-of-year project where she will express her emotions in various ways.

The exhibition is to commemorate Choi Sooyoung’s final farewells to her 20s, and it will highlight her natural sides as an actor, singer, and person. She personally participated in the production of the exhibition, as she played a part in capturing her unique color, revealed the photos she took personally, and was involved in the overall process of selecting photos.

Culture-Bridge, which will be producing the exhibition, will be launching its artists’ emotion branding project “Made in #” with Sooyoung as the first artist.

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