Girls’ Generation members are really getting into the social networking sites to share pictures with their fans! Recently Sunny joined Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Taeyeon in creating an Instagram account.

Sunny’s Instagram is brand new so there are only two pictures so far. The first picture is a selca of herself making a cute pose while lying on a bed. To accompany the picture she wrote simply, “Hello, it’s me! Hi! First Post!” Already the picture has over 14 thousand comments on how pretty she looks. 

The second photo is of some very delicious looking sweets. She wrote in Korean, “Not too long ago I was bored so I baked cupcakes and blondies with Tiffany! It was very, very delicious!” She also added a part in English for her international fans, “baked w/ tiff.” 

You can follow Sunny on Instagram here

Who do you think the next member to join Instagram will be?