Girls’ Generation’s Sunny displayed her intellectual prowess during a recent recording of KBS “Invincible Youth,” earning the nickname, “Idol’s best brain.”

During the episode, the G8 members were given a basic academic ability test. The exam included questions ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade levels in order to test their competence at the elementary level.

However, the members seemed taken aback by the surprisingly difficult questions, as it included some bizarre questions and they haven’t solved any of the math questions for a long time. But Sunny seemed to get the answers quickly and relatively easy compared to other members, surprising the entire staff with her high intellectual ability. In particular, some of the questions required out-of-the-box thinking, making many members leave them in blank. Sunny, on the other hand, solved all of the questions with ease, winning the competition with overwhelming results.

The episode with Sunny and the rest of the G8 taking the basic academic ability test will air on March 3.