Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny shared a story about SHINEE‘s Jonghyun while hosting for “DMC Festival – MBC Radio DJ Concert.” At this concert, in addition to being an MC, Sunny performed with the members of Girls’ Generation and also performed in a collaborative stage with Rose Inn.


Bae Chul Soo, another host for the concert, asked Jonghyun how he copes with stress, to which Jonghyun replied, “I don’t really try to get rid of stress. I hold it in, but try to derive new energy from it.”

Sunny added, “I am going to reveal something about this person,” making Jonghyun nervous. She said, “Jonghyun gave me a present on my birthday. It was probably about a 29+ rated book.”

Jonghyun said, “To be exact, it was only 19+, and Sunny was over 20 at the time.” Sunny quipped, “He even asked for it back later. Was it good?” and Jonghyun responded, “It was a part thriller, and it was great!”

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