Girls’ Generation’s Sunny talked about her thoughts on how some of the group’s members decided to leave SM Entertainment.

On December 28, E Channel’s “Life Trade Reality—I Send Myself To You” included a scene with Sunny and Yewon having a chat at an outdoor barbecue place.

During their meal, Yewon started the conversation by saying, “It’s difficult to maintain a girl group for a long time. It’s hard, and it’s true that the life span of girl groups is short. But Girls’ Generation was different.”

Sunny was lost in thought for a moment, and replied, “I think there was a determination on our part to last 10 years, but it didn’t happen just because we did well, but because the people who loved Girls’ Generation loved us very much.”

Yewon thoughtfully answered, “If you have any hardships, don’t keep it to yourself.”

As Sunny recently signed again with SM Entertainment, she also opened up on her thoughts about Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany leaving the agency.

Sunny shared, “[The members and I] honestly talked about what each of us wanted to do, had to do, and wasn’t able to do. All of us. When I listened to this person, I could completely understand her situation, and I wanted her to be able to do she wanted to do.”

The singer continued, “It was the same with everyone else, because we were together for such a long time. I completely understood why [the members] chose what they did. I cherish them all, and I love them and understand them.” Sunny added, “I want all of them to be happy.”

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