Updated May 28 KST:

Jonghyun’s sister has posted on Instagram to say that Jonghyun’s dog has now been found, and she thanked everyone for their help.

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has asked for help in spreading the news about SHINee’s Jonghyun’s missing pet dog.

On May 27, Taeyeon used her own dog Zero’s Instagram account to relay a message from the late SHINee member’s older sister. In addition to sharing a photo of the missing dog’s poster, Taeyeon wrote, “Please regram this. It’s urgent.”

The message from Jonghyun’s sister began, “Hello. This is Kim So Dam. Roo [Jonghyun’s dog] has gone missing. We implore you to please contact us if you find Roo in the city of Hongcheon in Gangwon Province.”

After providing a detailed description of the last place that Roo was seen on May 25, the message continued, “We request that you share this with your friends and acquaintances. Please help us to find [Roo]. We ask for your help.”

We sincerely hope that Jonghyun’s dog Roo safely finds her way back home.