Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon visited her father’s optical store in Jeonju and left a cute thank you note to her fans in the guestbook along with her autograph on March 14. In the guestbook, Taeyeon wrote, “Hi, this is Taeyeonee. I heard from my parents that a lot of fans visit the store. It’s really good to see everyone writing in the guestbook every time you are here. I’ll do the same and write to you whenever I visit the store. Anyhow, this is a little embarrassing. Bye!” Next to the comment, she signed “Tangu,” a nickname that her fans uses to refer to her.

This guestbook entry grabbed people’s attention as a fan who visited Taeyeon’s father’s optical store took a picture of it and posted online. Netizens commented, “Taeyeon’s pretty inside, too” “Taeyeon went home for White Day,” and “I’m thinking that more people visit the store to look at Taeyeon’s pictures than to get new glasses.”

Taeyeon’s father’s optical store is known as the “Sacred Place” among Taeyeon’s fans. The store is decorated with Taeyeon and Girls Generation’s pictures, albums, and souveniors, looking almost like a mini Taeyeon and Girls Generation museum. Many fans from Jeonju as well as other cities and countries visit this optical shop to leave a short message to Taeyeon in the guestbook.