On September 3, Girls’ Generation appeared as guests on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

DJ Kim Shin Young brings up Sooyoung’s recent comments about the best face angles for filming commercials and taking photos. Apparently Sooyoung had previously commented that Korean viewers appeared to favor her right side while non-Koreans seemed to like her left profile more. Sooyoung further explains, “Specific angles are preferred depending on the atmosphere.”

Next, Yuri adds, “I just try everything first. Then I pick the cuts that match the mood and concept best.”

Then Taeyeon comments, “My front profile looks like a fish. So [I turn to] the side.” Kim Shin Young jokingly responds, “Like Nemo,” leading to more laughter in the studio.

Girls Generation Hope Song at Noon

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their latest title track “Lion Heart.”

Do you think Taeyeon’s front profile resembles a fish?

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