1st Look” recently unveiled cuts from its latest spread with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. During the recent shoot, Tiffany showed her versatility, displaying various styles with a short boy cut and a long, wavy feminine hairstyle.

As shown in the photos, the singer is able to showcase various charms, ranging from sexy, androgynous, and charming. It’s been said that Tiffany personally decided on the shoot’s concept and her styles. She expressed, “I think it’ll be fun to show a girly look, cute boyish feel, as well as a manly look. When I first debuted, I had bobbed hair. At the time, I received a lot of love for my androgynous appeal. Through this spread, I wanted to show people a different side of me.

During the interview that followed the photoshoot, she was asked whether she wanted to live a normal life. Tiffany answered, “I really want. I think it’ll be nice to go places comfortably and enjoy some of me-time shopping and eating food. However, the work I chose is really dear to me. That’s why, I enjoy it and do my best to set a good example.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday, August 1, with her close friends at a restaurant.