Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany shared a photo of her holding a gigantic lollipop to celebrate White Day. On March 14, Tiffany wrote on the official Girls’ Generation website, “Too roo roo too doo^^*~~Today is of course a day you have to listen to ‘Kissing You’! Happy White Day wish ♡,” with a photo of her next to an oversized Chupa Chups candy bar.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Tiffany just gets prettier by the day,” “I wonder who gave that gift,” “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Every year on March 14, Koreans mark the day as an unofficial holiday when the male partner expresses their love to females through a candy gift (It’s supposed to serve as a return gift for the chocolates they receive on Valentine’s Day). Did you give a candy to your lover yet?