Recently, Girls’ Generation filmed a new CF for the Korean mattress brand, Ace Bed. So far, only two videos featuring YoonA and Seohyun have been released, but it’s already making rounds online for giving an inside look at the girls’ in pajamas.

Each clip, lasting just 15 seconds, show YoonA and Seohyun struggle to fall asleep because of the discomfort they feel in bed. It forces them to wake up and complain (with the brand’s slogan), “It’s obvious – a mattress needs science.” At the end of each video, all the Girls’ Generation members appear, repeating the brand’s tagline, “A bed is not a furniture!”

Netizens commented, “Loving their bodyline,” “I need to order this mattress right now,” and “When’s the release of the other members’ commercials?”

Enjoy the videos below!