With so many budding actresses in one group, it’s no wonder they all have different strengths!

During an interview that aired on the April 15 broadcast of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Girls’ Generation’s YoonA opened up about her recent film “Confidential Assignment,” as well as about her fellow members.

Regarding her character Baek Soo, she commented that it was comfortable to play her, because “her way of speaking is very similar to mine. It was to the point that people around me would say, ‘It’s basically you.’”

YoonA then revealed her thoughts on Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun, who are some of the Girls’ Generation members have all ventured into acting.

“Sooyoung is very sensitive. That’s why she’s so good at crying [scenes],” YoonA reflected, as she continued to praise the others. She explained, “Yuri is great at playing a career woman, and Seohyun is really charismatic when she acts.”

Do you agree with YoonA’s analyses of their acting?

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