“Kim Jae Dong’s Talk To You 2 – Are You Happy?” will be bringing on a celebrity cast to help share people’s stories.

JTBC’s “Talk To You 2” will air its first episode on May 27. According to JTBC, Kim Jae Dong will be joined by “Happy DJs” Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, professor Jung Jae Chan, singer-songwriters Coffee Boy and J Rabbit, as well as Paul Kim. The cast performed together for a short teaser to introduce the new members.

“Talk To You” is a talk show where audience members share their honest stories and everyone connects by empathizing with each other. The first season began airing in 2015 and brought together 62,000 people in total, with each episode featuring relatable and real stories from regular citizens. The upcoming season will focus on the topic of the pursuit of happiness.

Ahead of the first recording, Kim Jae Dong said, “‘Talk To You’ isn’t a program where we deliver a message to the audience, it’s a show where everyone shares their message with others. We all have our own ways to find happiness, and I hope it will be a precious time for everyone to share their happiness.”

Yuri said, “I’ve always enjoyed the show, so I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of it. I hope to fall into people’s happiness with everyone.” Professor Jung Jae Chan added, “I hope to share the joys we can find in our everyday lives.”

“Talk To You” will begin recording on May 5 and travel around the country to 14 different locations. The first episode will air on May 28.

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