Girls’ Generation member Yuri is joining a new variety show.

A source from a television network revealed on February 3 that “Yuri has been confirmed to appear on KBS 2TV’s New Year’s variety special “Stars with Two Jobs” (working title).

The source continued, “After filming outdoors tomorrow (February 4), we will film on the indoor set a few days later.” The source also revealed that KBS is treating the broadcast like a pilot episode and is open to “Stars with Two Jobs” becoming a fixed show, just like “Superman Returns” started off as a New Year’s special and later snagged a regular Sunday afternoon spot.

“Stars with Two Jobs” is a reality show that follows the lives of celebrities who have a second job apart from the singing, acting, and so on that they are known for. The show will wrap up recording by the end of this week and will air sometime during the Korean New Year holidays.

Any guesses as to what Yuri’s second job might be?