Girls’ Generation’s Yuri was picked as the celebrity with the hottest bikini body. Yuri topped the poll that asked, “Which celebrity would look the best in a bikini?” with 30.6% of the total votes. Yuri received 364 total votes out of the 1,200 responses.

In second place came Yoon Jin Ee, the latest actress to crown the “Nation’s Little Sister” nickname with her role in SBS “Gentleman’s Dignity.” She received 336 votes, or 28.3% of the total votes.

Following the two stars were Oh Yeon Seo from the drama “You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly” at third place, with MBC weather forecaster Park Eun Ji and comedian Byun Suh Eun placing #4 and #5, respectively.

“Unlike the past, when people paid more attention to the more glamorous figures, such as Lee Hyori and Kim Hye Soo, the general trend now is in favor of younger stars, including Yuri, Yoon Jin Ee, and Park Eun Ji. It looks like the natural and sporty looks are more popular these days,” an official from The Beach Shop (, who conducted the poll.

Netizens commented, “I would have picked SISTAR’s Bora,” “Where’s HyunA?” and “This poll is totally wrong!”