On March 28, old photos of G.NA and Secret’s Hyosung became a hot topic online. In the photos posted on an online community board under the title, “G.NA and Hyosung were glamorous and had honey thighs even during trainee days,” G.NA and Hyosung appear to be in their early teens, yet show their fast body development, impressing many fans who have been infatuated with their sexy bodylines lately.

The photos come from a magazine in 2005, featuring the two stars as the finalists for Mnet’s audition program, “Battle Legend.” G.NA, who’s earned the nickname “G-cup Glamour,” show her quick growth spurt from her young teen days, as her voluptuous body line is apparent in the photos. Hyosung, likewise, has an impressive combination of a baby face and a hot bodyline, fitting her “bagle-girl” nickname.

Back then, both G.NA and Hyosung got eliminated in the final round of “Battle Legend.” But they soon signed a contract under the same agency as Shinhwa, and formed a group with After School’s Uee and Wonder Girls’ Yoobin. However, that group never made its debut, as it was disbanded and all five members signed contracts with other agencies. 

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “Jun Hyo Sung looks like a little baby,” “G.NA looks exactly the same,” and “They are the latest sexy queens in K-Pop.”