She has made the hits and now it’s time for G.NA (aka Gina Choi) to celebrate! In the past year we have heard the following tunes as well as some number one singles from Cube’s musical Barbie: “Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover” ( her debut song with Rain), “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live” (ft. BEAST’s Jun Hyung), “Super Solo”, “Black and White”, “I Already Miss You”, etc…

With all that under her belt, can you believe it has only been a year since her debut? The singer and model tweeted the surprising news of the anniversary and gave fans a brief update about her current recording status. Read her news briefs below:

“Finally..My TITLE song,It’s lookin brighter! EXCITED/NERVOUS! Focus GINA!♥ Love u G.NI’s!… My lovely G.NI’s.. Thank you! May take time but It’s gonna be worth it ♥ ….OMIGAWSH!!! Its been a year EXACTLY since my first debut stage! JULY 15th 2010..I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” feat. Yong Jun Hyung…We gotta make it to the TOP together!! U guys r the reason im singing with love & passion! Its only the beginnin now~ =] LOVE U!”

Now that she slowly becoming a music veteran, do you think G.NA is more comfortable in her role as a solo idol?

Credits: @G_NA_love  and SPN [image]