G.NA who is now performing “Top Girl” has been chosen as the model for the fashion lingerie “Lefee.” Since debuting, G.NA has been receiving a lot of attention because of her beautiful body line and her vocal skills.

After the news that G.NA was chosen as an underwear model broke out, many industry experts were surprised. The reason is that the usual celebrities who appear as underwear models are only the top stars such as: Lee Hyori, Han Chae Young, and/or Shin Min Ah.

A representative of Lefee stated, “Usually when a celebrity is chosen as an underwear model, the sole reason they were picked is because of their beautiful body. However, G.NA has the beautiful body but she also has a confident image that fits well with Lefee’s brand image.”

For the first advertisement photo shoot that was held on August 9th, G.NA already showed off her sexy charms. It is being said that G.NA was able to show various poses and expressions that the photo shoot staff loved. But also, she showed professionalism by directly being involved in the style of the clothes that she would wear for the photo shoot.

Check out the making of clip below: