When we see comeback news, any Kpop fan is beside themselves with excitement. But this time the news is slightly bittersweet. Yes, G.NA’s comeback is imminent, but it has now been delayed. Her second mini album, “Top Girl” was slated for an August 16th release but now has been delayed until the date now given, August 23rd.

Why is there a seven day delay? What could delay an album for only a week? Well, her label, Cube Entertainment have revealed that the delay is for a good reason. They have put it back because of the sheer size of her comeback music video that will be shot in 3D. Basically they delayed her comeback so that she could return with something stunning, a fair deal I say.

G.NA’s mini-album was originally scheduled to be released on August 16th, but will be delayed until the 23rd.””

So, look forward to August 23rd and be patient for an extra week because G.NA will be returning to us in 3D!