G.NA posted a selca with 2AM’s Jo Kwon, 4minute’s HyunA and puppies, Cherry and Lucky.

On March 7, G.NA posted on her Twitter, “JTBC ‘MUSIC ON TOP!’ Tonight at 6:50PM. Please watch the show. Took a picture with HyunA and Jo Kwon yesterday after a long while. With my Cherry and Kwon’s puppy, Lucky.”

The photos have been garnering attention from the netizens for G.NA, HyunA and Jo Kwon’s cute facial expressions. G.NA’s no make-up face has especially been gaining praise from her fans.

Many netizens have commented, “I didn’t know G.NA and Jo Kwon were close friends,” and “G.NA’s face is smaller than the puppy.”

G.NA has made her acting debut and is now focusing on her role for the SBS Sitcom, “Salamander Guru and the Gang.”