G.NA released the MV teaser for “Banana.” As Cube Entertainment had stated, regardless of the controversy over MBC’s banning the song, they would continue to promote the song and G.NA’s comeback promotions.



On August 17th, MBC decided that the content was too explicit and it would not be aired for its broadcasting company. However, representatives of G.NA stated that the song was not intended to be explicit in anyway. It is odd because, KBS and SBS do not have any issue with the song.

Cube Entertainment stated on August 19th, “The new title ‘Banana’ has received a restriction by MBC. However the song was not made with any intention of being explicit. ‘Banana’ is a song about a female figure that is confident. The hip hop song contains a chorus with the lyrics ‘banana~’ and the song has the theme of living today in a different way, starting again with fresh perspective.”

MBC had issue with the lyrics because they were suggestive and contained slang. The slang was a word used for “I’m getting a headache, migraine” also “as time goes by my body’s temperature goes up,” “small face thin waist, when you move down big hip,” “don’t hide your million dollar legs,” and “peel the skin don’t care about what the monkeys say,” etc.

G.NA’s representative stated, “We will try to figure out why the song got restricted. We have no plans on getting a second trial on the matter. Also there is no decision for the promotions of this song. We will continue all our other plans regarding G.NA’s comeback without delay.”

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