G.NA revealed her very own summer story before her comeback. Currently G.NA is a model for the Miero drink in South Korea and the concept for promotions was her having fun on a summer vacation. Through the Miero website, you can see her having fun in the water at a resort and also different related episodes.

The “Miero Summer Vacation” promotions will show G.NA’s sexy charms. The first clip shows G.NA looking more slim than before and also introduces the other beautiful participants.

Two other females are gaining attention, Lee Ah Young who looks exactly like Shin Min Ah, and Kang Hwee Rin who has legs that G.NA has admitted as being beautiful.

G.NA will comeback with her second mini album on August 16th. Last week G.NA’s album jacket was revealed as a teaser. On the released album jacket, G.NA is shown as having transformed into a classier image. She is wearing clothes that look casual but very luxurious at the same time. Also the album jacket features her signature long legs.